We are part of the green future

We operate with the vision of being a company that constantly increases its brand awareness and market share in the global market, always extends beyond its profit targets, creates added value for the Turkish economy, and produces sustainable solutions to create a green earth. In addition, we take action with the awareness of providing maximum benefit to the society, nature and the future, as well as our business partners.

With the help of the 31 years of experience gained in different sectors, we are defined as a qualified manufacturer of high quality solar panels. We successfully achieve our rational goals without losing our courage and motivation to raise targets and create sustainable successes in a market where expectations, technology and innovations change without borders and competition is carried to a completely different dimension.

In our journey to be a strong and reliable solution partner in the solar energy sector, by investing in innovation, technology and R&D, we develop solutions that will offer competitive advantage at the international level. In addition to financial performance, we place environmental, social and economic sustainability at the center of our corporate strategies with our environmentally friendly business practices and production facilities. We consider it our responsibility to implement practices that take economic, environmental and social development into account in the field of sustainability, which we consider as an indispensable part of our company strategy, business models and personal life choices, and we aim to do more than our part for the development of environmental awareness. We offer our business partners environmentally friendly products and systems based on ecological and economic values, with our state-of-the-art machinery, high-quality product recipe, and our understanding of service that we constantly improve.

Today, we are working to make our set solar brand synonymous with efficient, innovative, functional and high-quality photovoltaic modules, with our factory consisting of a total area of 27.000 m2 located in Çankırı Korgun OSB and an infrastructure that can reach 1 GW/yr. For this reason, we differentiate from other manufacturers by using only superior raw materials and components, and create products that meet high quality standards on a global scale.


We maintain the highest standards in all business and service processes with our management and financial capabilities, our belief in our technical and administrative staff, our corporate culture that gets stronger day by day, our flawless quality policy, and our trust-based collaborations, and we continue to create lasting values in every area we touch by prioritizing technology and people-oriented investments.

History of the SET SOLAR

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